Tuesday 22 October 2019

Beckham ‘mistress’ got £1m for kiss-and-tell from NOTW

Rebecca Loos, left, pictured with David Beckham's wife Victoria during the time when she was personal assistant to the footballer. Photo: Getty Images
David Beckham pictured in Madrid with his three sons, from left, Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo. It was during Beckhams spell with Real Madrid that allegations of an affair emerged. Photo: Gety Images

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REBECCA Loos was paid almost £1m by the News of the World for the David Beckham kiss-and-tell the Leveson inquiry into phone hacking in Britain heard today.

Former chief reporter at the newspaper, Neville Thurlbeck insisted that the story was in the public interest to show that “the fairytale was a sham”.

“The Beckhams were always happy to encourage publicity of their happy marriage. It was one of the building blocks of their brand...it was one of great wholesomeness, they were making an awful lot of money because they were considered the perfect wholesome family.”

Mr Thurlbeck told Lord Leveson that Loos, a Spanish born model, who sold her story was paid “a six figure sum – just”.

There was laughter as the inquiry heard that meant almost a seven figure sum.

After the 2004 allegations she appeared on several European reality TV shows and played for the England Women’s soccer team in a Sky TV charity event.

Loos, whose father was a Dutch diplomat became David Beckham’s personal assistant when he went to Real Madrid.

She claimed that she had an affair with the married footballer when they worked together both professionally and socially.

She claimed that she was having ‘sex text’ with the footballer right up to the revelations in 2004 and that problems in the Beckham’s marriage dated back to before she met David.

When asked about the Beckham’s threat of legal action at the time she said: "I am 100pc sure of what I am talking about, there no doubt in my mind I have no reason to lie - why should I? I am just here to tell you my experience. He knows the truth and I know the truth."

"I shouldn't be ashamed of it. I was wrong to do it but it did happen. I didn't want to live a lie."

Mr Thurlbeck said today that the NOTW newspaper was nothing but “thorough”.

“The first thing that struck me in 1988 was how thorough their journalism was. They were extremely fastidious journalists.

“In 26 years was never successfully sued for libel or had a PCC judgement against me. Our newspaper had it instilled in us to be get it “absolutely right”. All my colleagues were of the same breed. By and large, I accept, not 100pc.... The NoTW was not a toxic organisation."

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