Tuesday 24 April 2018

BBC newsreader is ‘litter crusader’ after confronting lout with bottle

Alice Arnold, left, with Clare Balding
Alice Arnold, left, with Clare Balding

Hannah Furness

BBC newsreader Alice Arnold has been hailed as a "litter crusader" after watching a thoughtless lout throw a plastic bottle out of a car window, picking it up and throwing it back at them.

The BBC Radio 4 announcer, wrote about her experience on Twitter, telling followers she was “furious” at what she had seen.

She wrote: “People in front of me in traffic threw plastic bottle out of their window. I picked it up, threw it back in their car and I'm still alive!

She later added she “didn’t wait to find out” how the passengers reacted but confirmed they “didn’t throw it out again”.

It “got my heart racing a bit but worth it for the satisfaction”, she said.

Her actions have now been praised by Twitter users and fellow litter-haters, who have hailed her as a “true anti-litter Queen”.

Her BBC colleague Corrie Corfield wrote: “My friend & colleague @alicearnold1 has done something today which, frankly, deserves Dame hood at least. And remember she's only tiddly.”

She later clarified for readers who feared Arnold had been intoxicated at the wheel: “I KNOW tiddly was perhaps not the best word to describe someone who was driving. I meant small. @alicearnold1 is a tiddler but very brave.”

The pair also joked they would now be a shoe-in for the BBC’s Director General job, as Corfield added: “Of course when @alicearnold1 & I job share DG anyone caught dropping litter with in a mile of BH will be imprisoned in the pips cupboard.”

Arnold’s partner Clare Balding, who is understood to have been in the car behind her at the time, wrote: “I expect Alice to be offered a column forthwith. "The Twitter Litter Sitter”.

Television presenter Kirsty Allsopp, also used her Twitter profile to publicly praise her, writing: “You Little Litter Crusader you!”

Arnold has already thanked her followers for the many messages of support, saying: “Thanks for all your messages saying I was brave. I was not brave just furious! #gettingold”.

One Twitter user wrote: “You're a woman after my own heart! I tell people in street to pick their litter up- I'd rather get abuse than ignore litter lout.

Another said: “Yay for Alice! That is fantastic. Very impressed by bravery.”

A third wrote: “You should be be-damed, @alicearnold1 – a true anti-litter Queen! Deeply proud."


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