Wednesday 22 November 2017

All in a day's walk for Keano's loyal best friend Triggs

Roy Keane with his dogs near his home in Ipswich. Photo: PA
Roy Keane with his dogs near his home in Ipswich. Photo: PA
Gary Lineker with his dog Snoop. Photo: PA
Felicity Kendall with George
Violinist Vanessa Mae with Max and Gaspard. Photo: PA
Penny Smith with her dog Banjo. Photo: PA
Ian Botham with his dog Dino. Photo: PA
Former British Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott with his dog Oscar. Photo: PA
Sir Ranulph Fiennes with his dogs. Photo: PA
Jason O'Brien

Jason O'Brien

POOR old Triggs must fear the worst when he sees the photographers.

Golden retrievers, after all, are known for their intelligence. And at this stage Triggs surely equates the camera lens with the start of a lengthy, intense walk through the countryside beside his brooding master.

That's the way it has been for years.

But his luck is in at the moment. Not only is he alive, despite tabloid papers in Ireland and Britain reporting just last month that he had succumbed to cancer, but pack leader Roy Keane isn't presently involved in any great drama.

And so the appearance of a camera recently when the pair were out -- along with third-in-command Ossie -- wasn't the signal for a marathon trek through the woods but, rather, simply a charity shoot.

The Ipswich manager has never been shy about either his love of dogs or his support of guide dog charities, both here and in Britain. (Then again, Roy Keane's never been shy about much).

And he is just one of a number of celebrities who have been photographed with their pets in an effort to raise funds for the training and placement of 800 guide dogs next year.

"The Amazing Partnerships exhibition of celebrity photographs is a great way to illustrate the special bond that exists between an owner and their pet," Dame Mary Perkins, founder of exhibition sponsor Specsavers, said yesterday.


But while former cricketer Ian Botham, politician John Prescott and violinist Vanessa Mae introduce us to their dogs, Triggs is a celebrity in his own right, as evidenced by the headlines generated last month.

He's been around the block in more ways than one. That's how it was when Roy got sent off for pushing Alan Shearer in 2001 and was thinking of quitting.

"I walked Triggs a long way," he said, as cameras flashed.

A year later, Triggs became an international brand when Roy returned home from Saipan and put his best friend through his paces while glaring at the world's media.

Triggs was pressed into more photography work when his master left Manchester United and, later, Sunderland.

Little wonder then if Triggs felt wary when photographer Adrian Houston appeared recently. But happily, he didn't have to go the extra mile.

The pictures will be on display early next month at the Haunch of Venison Art Gallery in London. They will be available to buy in a silent auction at the gallery on November 4.

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