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Air turns blue at boat race as cox swears repeatedly on live TV

THE BBC has apologised after Oxford's cox swore repeatedly on live television throughout yesterday's Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race.

Millions of viewers watching the annual clash between the two ancient universities on the Thames heard Oskar Zorrilla (25) use variants on a four-letter word up to seven times.

Andrew Cotter, the BBC commentator, twice said sorry for the cox's bad language, which was broadcast at a time when families were watching.

Mr Zorrilla, who is of American and Colombian origin, was fitted with a radio microphone that picked up the instructions and motivational phrases he bellowed at his crew throughout the 17 minutes and 27 seconds of the race.

However, as Oxford strained to keep ahead of Cambridge, the cox regularly slipped into swearing. Some was muffled, but on at least four occasions it could clearly be heard by audiences watching BBC One in Britain and BBC World News around the world.

At one point Mr Zorrilla exhorted his crew to keep pushing, saying, "Don't ***ing sit!"

Mr Cotter commented: "The coxes do their chatty work. At times rather unsavoury language from the coxes, so apologies for that." (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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