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Ethical Aussies jump at 'kangatarian' diet

Australia is witnessing the emergence of "kangatarians" -- those who eat only vegetables and kangaroo meat.

The group originally shunned all meat on ethical and environmental grounds, opposing the way livestock was kept and killed, as well as the impact farming had on the planet.

About 12 months ago, one Sydney group decided to spread the word about the benefits of kangaroo meat.

"They coined the phrase kangatarians, it was a bit of a joke initially," said Peter Ampt, a lecturer at the University of Sydney. He said kangaroos were fair game because the animals ate only native vegetation and were killed humanely.

Kangaroos emit a fraction of the methane produced by cows, making them a better choice for the climate-conscious.

Mr Ampt said it was not clear how many Australians were kangatarians, but the movement was "growing slowly". (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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