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Electric fence plan for mountain

An electric fence stretching 250 miles long is to be constructed around Africa's second highest peak, Mount Kenya.

The Kenyan government yesterday unveiled the plan to build the two-metre high fence which is being designed to stop mountain wildlife, particularly elephants, coming down and destroying crops on nearby farms.

Policeman jailed for 'savage attack'

A former policeman has been jailed in England for 10 years after repeatedly punching his pregnant ex-girlfriend in the stomach to try to bring on a miscarriage.

Matthew Cherry (35) launched the "savage attack" on Caroline Craft, also a police officer in Dorset, because she would not have an abortion after the pair split up. She has since given birth to a boy called Archie -- now 15 months old.

Magician made money 'disappear'

The owner of a Massachusetts magic store has been sentenced to two years in prison for making more than $560,000 (£350,000) disappear from a long-time customer's credit card account.

Harry Levy (61), who owns Hank Lee's Magic Factory, pleaded guilty to charges of credit card fraud and making false statements. He made 134 unauthorised charges on the wealthy customer's card, forcing the victim to put his house on the market.

Gay characters to leave 'EastEnders'

'EastEnders' favourites John Partridge and Marc Elliott are leaving the show.

The pair, who play gay lovers Christian Clarke and Syed Masood, are being written out after Elliott decided to leave the long-running BBC1 soap.

Israel and Nepal issue joint stamp

Israel and Nepal have issued a joint stamp depicting the highest and the lowest places on Earth, Mount Everest and the Dead Sea.

The stamp bears a picture of Mount Everest, which is 8,848 metres high, and the mineral-rich Dead Sea, which is 422 metres below sea level.

Cockatoo 'trained to swear at ex'

A US woman has been accused of violating animal-noise law by training her cockatoo to swear.

The bird, Willy, allegedly swore for up to 15 minutes at Lynne Taylor's neighbours who happen to be her ex-husband and his girlfriend. A Rhode Island judge has dismissed Ms Taylor's request to dismiss the case.

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