Monday 26 August 2019

El Paso marchers call for stronger gun laws

More than 100 people marched through the Texas border city of El Paso yesterday, denouncing racism and calling for stronger gun laws one week after 22 people were killed in a mass shooting that authorities say was carried out by a man targeting Mexicans.

Chanting "gun reform now," "El Paso strong" and "aqui estamos y no nos vamos" - Spanish for "here we are and we are not leaving" - the marchers included Hispanic, white and black people dressed in white to symbolise peace and carrying 22 white wooden crosses to represent the victims of the shooting at an El Paso Walmart. The man charged in with capital murder in the attack, Patrick Crusius (21), told investigators he targeted Mexicans with an AK-47 rifle, an El Paso detective said in an arrest affidavit. Federal prosecutors are weighing hate-crime charges.

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Weeping tourists flee Hong Kong tear gas

Hong Kong police fired tear gas at anti-government protesters yesterday - sending tourists fleeing weeping in Kowloon - only for demonstrators to regroup and gather elsewhere during another tense, hot and restive weekend.

Weeks of increasingly violent protests have plunged Hong Kong into its biggest political crisis for decades, posing a serious challenge to the central government in Beijing.

Hong Kong is in its ninth week of demonstrations that began in response to a proposed extradition law but have expanded to include other grievances. Protesters want the resignation of the territory's leader, chief executive Carrie Lam, and an investigation into complaints of abuses by police.

Scores killed as Tanzanian tanker explodes

A damaged tanker truck exploded in eastern Tanzania as people were trying to siphon fuel yesterday, killing at least 62 in one of the worst incidents of its kind in the East African country. State broadcaster TBC, citing police figures, said at least 70 more people were injured during the explosion in the town of Morogoro, about 120 miles (200 kilometers) from the economic hub of Dar es Salaam.

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