Saturday 20 January 2018

Easter icon faces furry rival in Oz

The Easter Bunny's days as a furry seasonal icon may be numbered in Australia, as conservationists Down Under move to replace it with the Easter Bilby.

The bilby is a marsupial that has long ears, a long muzzle, silky fur and a pouch. Males grow to about the same size as a rabbit.

Ballet troupe out of step in Malaysia

The abrupt cancellation of shows by a Singaporean ballet troupe in Malaysia has caused anger, with the government saying the dancers applied too late for a permit, and a local group blaming cultural concern over "indecent" costumes.

'Ballet Illuminations' by the Singapore Dance Theatre was supposed to run this weekend, and many tickets had been sold for performances of 'The Nutcracker' and other works.

Waitress's $12,000 tip is snuffed out

A waitress at a Minnesota diner is suing police after they confiscated the $12,000 (€9,160) tip she received from a customer.

Police seized the money because they said it smelled like marijuana and must have been left by drug dealers. The woman thought she was doing the right thing by reporting the massive tip to officers but her joy at the windfall proved short lived.

Kanye coughs up Kardashian love

Kanye West has professed his love for reality TV star Kim Kardashian in a new song leaked online, and the pair were spotted out on the town in New York together.

In 'Theraflu', named after a cough medicine, Mr West raps about falling in love with the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star at the same time she fell in love with Kris Humphries, who she divorced last November.

Katy Perry's tour to be a 3-D film

The makers of Justin Bieber's top-grossing concert film have moved on to another global pop star -- Katy Perry.

A 3-D documentary concert feature film billed as a close-up look at Ms Perry's 2011 California Dreams Tour began production more than year ago, Paramount Pictures said.

Flamingos get it on to sweet music

Zoo-keepers have been using the Walrus of Love to encourage breeding among their Chilean flamingos.

Staff at Drusillas Park, East Sussex, have been playing soothing love songs to the group. These include classics by the Walrus of Love himself, Barry White, to try and conjure up romance.

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