Thursday 12 December 2019

Don't sweat it: gene can prevent body odour

Rebecca Smith

MILLIONS may be using deodorant needlessly as they have a gene that means they do not produce body odour.

According to researchers, one in 50 of the population has a genetic variant that spares them from underarm odour, yet more than three-quarters of those people continue to use scents.

The "cultural norm" in Britain is to apply deodorant daily whether or not body odour was a problem for the individual. And people with dry rather than sticky earwax tend not to produce body odour, according to the study carried out at the University of Bristol.

Armpit odour is the result of perspiration produced by the sweat glands concentrated there, combined with bacteria. But it depends on the existence of an active version of the gene. Those with the inactive variant produce no smell. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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