Friday 15 December 2017

Don’t kill the animals: Video goes viral of little boy refusing to eat his dinner

A YOUTUBE video of a little boy refusing to eat his dinner has attracted more than one million views with its heart-tugging innocence.

The clip shows a young boy having a conversation with his mother about  whether the food he is about to eat was a living animal.


At the beginning, young Luiz Antonio was happy to eat his meal but was curious as to where it came from and began to question his mum.


Luiz said: “He doesn’t speak and he doesn’t have a head, right?”


"Is his head still in the sea?" Luiz asks his mom. She responds: "It's at the fish market."

His mother begins to explain which animals we eat, to which Luiz says: “Octopus are animals, fish are animals, chicken are animals and cows are animals – I don’t like when they die. These animals... you have to take care of them... and not eat them.”

After hearing his reply, the little boy’s mother starts to cry and tells Luiz that he doesn’t have to eat the octopus, only the rice and potatoes.

This video has touched many viewers on YouTube, with many offering supportive comments.

One read, ‘I was so touched, watching this video. It gives me great hope for the future. Thanks for sharing these words of wisdom. The next Gandhi.’

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