Friday 24 November 2017

Donald Trump rewards bus driver $10,000 (€7,400) for his heroic actions

Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

Billionaire Donald Trump has given a substantial reward to a bus driver who stopped to help an apparently suicidal woman on a New York freeway bridge.

Darnell Barton’s good deed on October 18 impressed Mr Trump so much that he parted with $10,000 (€7,400) gift to tell him so.

"I think he is a great guy with an amazing heart and I said that man should be rewarded,” said the American business magnate.

"Frankly, I'm very honoured to help him out ... The way he handled it was brilliant."

In CCTV footage that has since gone viral, 37-year-old Barton can be seen stopping his bus on a freeway overpass when he spots a woman standing on the wrong side of the bridge's guardrail as he was driving along in the US city of Buffalo.

Concerned, he shouted out, "Ma'am - are you ok?", to check she was alright.

"It didn't seem real with everything going on around," he said after the dramatic rescue. "Pedestrians and motorists were going by as normal."

The woman, reportedly a student in her 20s, seemed to be deciding whether or not to jump from the bridge when Barton got off the bus and approached her.

"I felt like if she looked down at that traffic one more time it might be it," father-of-two Barton said.

Considerate Barton put his arm around the woman and coaxed her to the safe side of the barrier.

Afterwards, Mr Barton returned to his bus where he got a standing ovation from the passengers.

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