Wednesday 16 October 2019

Doe! Drunk takes deer to hospital

A drunken New York man who hit a deer while driving home tried taking it to a nearby hospital -- for humans.

Police said Andrew Caswell (29), who was twice the legal limit, and three companions argued over what to do with the animal before he decided it needed to go to the hospital. Police Chief Todd Baxter said that while trying to save the deer was commendable, "driving while intoxicated will not be tolerated".

Four arrested in Nike shoes frenzy

FOUR people were arrested in a mad dash by customers hoping to buy a pair of the new Nike Air Jordan basketball shoes at a suburban shopping mall in the US yesterday.

Up to 20 squad cars responded when a large crowd broke down a door to get inside before a store opened in Atlanta, Georgia. Officers said they had to break a car window to get two toddlers out after a woman went in after the shoes. They said she was taken into custody when she returned to the car.

Drinker is behind bars after robbery

A MAN who ordered a beer at a bar, left to rob a nearby bank then came back to finish his beer, is in custody in Florida.

A bartender said John Robin Whittle (52) disappeared for 30 minutes after ordering his beer and then came back. Police arrested him at the bar about 10 minutes later, saying he had just robbed the Wells-Fargo bank.

Dozy student left rare violin on bus

US police are asking for help in recovering a rare violin worth $172,000 (€131,857) that was left on board a bus by a groggy music student from Taiwan.

Muchen Hsieh left the instrument in an overhead locker on a Boston-to-Philadelphia Megabus. Ms Hsieh says a Taiwanese culture foundation lent her the violin, which was made in 1835 by Vincenzo Jorio in Naples.

Singer Etta James taken to hospital

Singer Etta James, who is terminally ill with leukemia, has been hospitalised in California and placed on a breathing machine.

The 73-year-old Grammy-winner, best known for the blues ballad "At Last" - which Beyonce sang at Barack Obama's inauguration - in Riverside, east of Los Angeles because she was struggling to breathe. The singer has been in failing health for a number of years and suffers from leukemia, kidney disease and dementia.

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