Sunday 18 March 2018

Doctor Who star Sladen (63) dies

ACTRESS Elisabeth Sladen died of cancer yesterday at the age of 63.

She joined 'Doctor Who' in 1973 and became one of the most popular companions in her role as Sarah Jane Smith. In 2007, she was given her own spin-off series, 'The Sarah Jane Adventures'.

Child's gun fires in kindergarten

A CHILD in the US brought a gun to his kindergarten and was among three students injured when a bullet discharged accidentally.

Two six-year-old boys and a five-year-old girl were wounded in the foot, officials in Houston, Texas, said.

Pregnant Carey 'done' with kids

Mariah Carey has already dismissed the idea of more children, despite being pregnant with twins.

Carey said it would require "a much stronger person" than her to go through pregnancy again, adding she was "ready to be done".

Humpback skills baffle scientists

Humpback whales have a mystifying navigational skill that cannot be explained by known theories, a study has found.

Scientists used satellites to track 16 whales as they migrated from the south Atlantic to the south Pacific.

Machine detects cancer on breath

An 'electronic nose' that can sniff out cancer in breath has been developed.

The device can distinguish between healthy people and those with the disease.

Medic resigns in row over joke

A doctor has resigned as president-elect of the US College of Surgeons after a comment he made was perceived as being sexist.

Dr Lazar J Greenfield wrote that science indicated semen had a mood-enhancing effect on women and therefore it was a better Valentine's Day gift than chocolates.

Controversial artwork attacked

Christian activists in France have destroyed a controversial photograph of a crucifix bathed in urine.

They targeted Andres Serrano's work at the Collection Lambert in Avignon.

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