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Disturbing new trend sees teens risking HIV at 'sex roulette' parties


HIV test

HIV test

HIV test

A dangerous new trend has emerged in Barcelona that sees teenagers having unprotected sex with HIV carriers.

Spanish media have reported that these group sex parties, known as ‘sex roulette’, have become increasingly popular across the city among people of all sexualities.

Similar to Russian roulette, the parties present a potentially lethal game of chance as at least one unidentified HIV carrier joins the group.

While certain parties are exclusive to HIV carriers, others are called "blue parties" as they offer attendees blue tablets intended to prevent the contraction of the virus, according to Spanish radio network Cadena SER.

They noted that the drugs are not legally available in Spain and are reportedly bought on the black market.

Barcelona’s Hospital Clinic is currently treating around 4,500 patients affected by the virus and sees up to 100 visits a day regarding HIV.

A spokesperson from the clinic told the programme that the rise of ‘sex roulette’ corresponds with an increase in sexually-transmitted diseases including chlamydia, gonorrhoea and hepatitis C.

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