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Dhaka toll hits 500

More than 500 bodies have been recovered from the Bangladesh building that collapsed last week, authorities said after an engineer was arrested over the disaster.

Abdur Razzak Khan warned the building was unsafe but is also accused of helping the owner add three illegal floors to the five-storey structure.

Rat meat arrests

Police in China have arrested 904 people for selling fake, spoiled, or adulterated meat in the past three months.

Suspects sold meat that had been injected with water to increase its weight, or sold rat and fox meat as mutton.

Witherspoon fined

Reese Witherspoon has pleaded no contest to a disorderly conduct charge resulting from a heated confrontation with a state trooper in Atlanta.

The Hollywood star paid a $100 fine (€76) settling the case, deputy solicitor Ronda Graham said.

Dog bowl sparks fire

A dog's water bowl is being blamed for a fire that broke out at his owners' home in California.

Officials said the sun's rays refracted off the shiny water bowl and sparked a blaze at Terry and Shay Weisbrich's Santa Rosa home. The fire was quickly put out, but it left a hole in the cladding.

Raid deaths probed

A deadly raid by Jamaican security forces to catch a gang boss killed 76 civilians and one soldier, according to an interim report.

Jamaica's public defender Earl Witter said his office was probing complaints that 44 of the 76 civilian deaths in Tivoli Gardens in May 2010 could be unjustifiable homicides.

Referee in a coma

A Utah soccer referee is in a coma after being punched by a teenage player unhappy with one of his decisions.

The 46-year-old man remained in critical condition at Intermountain Medical Centre in Salt Lake City. Police said a 17-year-old player punched Riccardo Portillo once after he gave a foul against him. The teenager has been detained on suspicion of aggravated assault.

Coaches asked to quit

Four school athletics coaches in the US have been asked to resign for ordering team members to perform "bear crawls" on an asphalt running track for missing practice the day before the prom.

Some students suffered blisters on their hands from the drill, in which people walk on their hands and feet, at Cascade High School, near Indianapolis.

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