Monday 19 February 2018

'Devastating loss': The 22 victims of the Manchester terror attack named

  • Devastation as families realise loss of loved ones
  • All victims who died in the attack now named
  • Dozens of people remain missing
  • Suicide bomber named as Salman Abedi (22)
  • Isis claim responsibility for the attack
  • Prime Minister raises terror threat to 'critical', meaning an attack is 'expected imminently'
  • Extra police officers have been put on duty in London in the wake of the attack
  • Troops to replace police officers at set-piece events
19 of the 22 victims of the Manchester terror attack
19 of the 22 victims of the Manchester terror attack
Chloe Rutherford and Liam Curry
Eilidh MacLeod (14)
Photo issued by Greater Manchester Police of Elaine McIver, who has been named as the off-duty police officer who died in the Manchester bombing (Press Association)

Helena Horton

The 22 victims who were killed in the attack on the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester have been named.

Among them are parents who were coming to greet their children after the concert and take them safely home, as well as excited youngsters attending their first ever concert.

The youngest victim is just eight years old.

Here is all we know on the victims of the atrocity so far:

Megan Hurley

Megan Hurley

The final victim of the Manchester terror attack has been named as 15-year-old Megan Hurley from Halewood.

Megan Hurley's neighbours and friends have remembered a "gentle, unassuming" girl who loved her music and had a devilish sense of humour.

Local teenagers held a vigil for her last night, releasing pink balloons into the air.

Pat Byrne, whose garden backs onto Megan Hurley's in the Liverpool suburb of Halewood, said: "It's a little tight-knit community.

"They are a lovely family - always lots going on, very happy, smiling, lots of parties and barbecues.

"We've been there for 20 years and they have been there all the time."

"The local teenagers held a vigil for her last night. They had a picnic in the field and released pink balloons into the sky. It was tragic, but a lovely little tribute.

Her husband Steve Byrne said: "They are one devastated family.

"You take your kids for granted then something like this happens. It's just tragic.

The parents Michael and Joanne run a sandwich shop in nearby Hunts Cross.

Some local friends, who preferred not to be named, said: "Megan was a  lovely, quiet, sensitive person, who absolutely loved her music."

They said she was also an animal lover, and kept rabbits.

A friend said: "She turned 15 in March.

"She was very gentle and unassuming, not an extravert, but she had a great sense of humour and loved to make people laugh.

"She loved to play on the trampoline.

"The parents have barely left Bradley's bedside since it happened on Monday. They haven't even begun to start grieving - they haven't left the hospital."

On Thursday pupils at Megan's school Halewood Academy, could be seen standing in silence, paying their respects at a tribute of pink balloons at the entrance to the school.

She was confirmed as dead by her aunt Maxine Benson, as her parents are believed to be at the hospital bedside of her brother Bradley, 20, who was injured in the attack.

Courtney Boyle

Courtney Boyle

Leeds Beckett University student Courtney Boyle (19) was from Gateshead. Her mother, Ms Hutchinson, said: "My stunning amazing beautiful daughter you were my rock, you made me so proud with all you had achieved."

Philip Tron

Philip Tron

Ms Hutchinson's partner, Philip Tron (32) was also killed in the explosion. Ms Hutchinson said: ""And my gorgeous crazy Philip, you made my world a happy place and now you are both my angels flying high in the sky."

Eilidh MacLeod

Eilidh MacLeod (14)

A 14-year-old who travelled to the concert with her school pal has been named as the 18 victim of the bomb attack.

Eilidh MacLeod attended the concter with her friend Laura MacIntyre (15). Both girls were reported missing by their worried families and Laura was located in hospital nearly 20 hours after the incident.

However, the parents of Eilidh said in a statement on Thursday: "Words cannot express how we feel at losing our darling Eilidh."

Sorrell Leczkowski


Sorrell Leczkowski

A 14-year-old schoolgirl has been confirmed as among the dead.

Sorrell Leczkowski, from Leeds, was at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester with her mother and grandmother, both of whom are recovering in hospital.

Sorrell's grandmother is critically ill, and has been unconscious since the blast.

According to her family, her grandmother had a 15-hour operation to remove shrapnel from her body.

Her heartbroken grandfather revealed that she dreamed of being an architecht.

Michael Healey said granddaughter Sorrell was "our rock" as he paid tribute to the "clever, talented, creative girl".

In a statement issued through Greater Manchester Police, he said his wife Pauline remains in intensive care and Sorrell's mother Samantha is recovering from surgery "as she tries to make sense of the devastating loss of her daughter".

Mr Healey said: "I am absolutely heartbroken to confirm that my granddaughter was killed in the terror attack that claimed so many innocent lives.

"Sorrell was only 14, but she was our rock, she kept us all grounded. She was such a clever, talented, creative girl, there was nothing she couldn't do.

"She was going to be an architect and wanted to go to Columbia University in New York to study so that she could build hotels with slides coming out of the rooms and so that she could build her mum a house.

"My wife is currently in intensive care, and Samantha is recovering from surgery as she tries to make sense of the devastating loss of her daughter."

Chloe Rutherford and Liam Curry

Chloe Rutherford and Liam Curry

A teenage couple also killed in the bombing "wanted to be together forever and now they are", their families have said.

Chloe Rutherford (17), and Liam Curry (19), from South Shields, were "inseparable" and "beautiful inside and out", their grieving relatives said as they became the latest youngsters known to have died in the atrocity.

In a joint statement released through Greater Manchester Police their relatives said: "On the night our daughter Chloe died and our son Liam died, their wings were ready but our hearts were not.

"They were perfect in every way for each other and were meant to be.

"They were beautiful inside and out to ourselves and our families, and they were inseparable.

"Chloe always described herself as ditzy who Liam adored and would do anything for, including dealing with Chloe's demands for chocolate.

"They lived to go to new places together and explore different cities. They wanted to be together forever and now they are."

Mr Curry, a former pupil of Gateshead College, was studying for a degree in sport and exercise science at Northumbria University.

His father, Andrew Curry, died aged 49 in March after a long illness.

An obituary posted in the Shields Gazette said: "My dad was my hero. I don't know how we can go on without him! I will be strong though and look after them as you asked me to Dad."

Elaine McIver, off-duty Police Officer

POLICE E (585).jpg
Photo issued by Greater Manchester Police of Elaine McIver, who has been named as the off-duty police officer who died in the Manchester bombing (Press Association)

Elaine McIver, a Cheshire Police officer killed in the Manchester bombing, has been confirmed dead by her heartbroken family.

In a statement issued through Greater Manchester Police, Ms McIver's family said: "Elaine was a much-loved daughter, sister, auntie, friend and colleague, the best we could ever have wished for.

"She was everyone's friend, thoughtful beyond belief, with an effervescent and outgoing personality.

"She would have been devastated by the injuries sustained by her partner Paul, and we all wish him a speedy recovery.

"Elaine just loved life, and had a major love of music. Despite what has happened to her, she would want us all to carry on regardless and not be frightened by fear tactics; instead she regularly urged us all to rise up against it.

"Although we will all miss her beyond belief, we absolutely know she will live in our hearts forever."

Wendy Fawell

Staff at a primary school have expressed their "deep sadness" after confirming the death of one of their former colleagues in the Manchester bombing.

The family of Wendy Fawell, from Otley, West Yorkshire, had mounted a frantic campaign to find the 50-year-old who had been missing since Monday night's explosion.

On Thursday, St Oswald's C of E Primary School, in Guiseley, said on Twitter: "It is with deepest sadness that I confirm that our former colleague Wendy Fawell was killed in the Manchester bombing. RIP, Wendy."

Ms Fawell was reported to have been about to leave the concert with her 15-year-old daughter Charlotte, along with a friend and her sons, when they were caught in the attack.

Charlotte was taken to hospital in Oldham and her brother, Adam Fawell, 29, began a desperate search for his mother.

Speaking to the Yorkshire Evening Post earlier this week, Mr Fawell said: "We are just hoping for anything and something but there is just nothing, nothing, nothing."

He said: "The support we are getting from friends and family is unbelievable and the stuff that is going around generally is incredible and a little bit overwhelming."

More than 100 people attended a vigil for Ms Fawell in Otley on Tuesday evening.

Nell Jones

Fourteen-year-old Nell Jones has been confirmed as one of the 22 victims of the Manchester terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert.

Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School, told that police have confirmed their pupil was one of 22 to die in Manchester Arena on Monday night.

Headteacher Dennis Oliver, told “It has now been announced in the school that Nell has unfortunately died.

“I have just done six assemblies to tell the pupils. Children are all over the place crying. We are all devastated.

“The heart wrenches for me and everyone else.”

Martyn Hett

DAfRW96XcAAitcf.jpg large.jpg
Martyn Hett

Martyn Hett, a Coronation Street superfan who had a tattoo of  Deirdre Barlow on his ankle and with his boyfriend won Come Dine With Me, has been named as one of the dead.

His heartbroken partner tweeted the sad news.

Russell Hayward, his boyfriend with whom he appeared on Come Dine With Me, tweeted: "We got the news last night that our wonderful, iconic and beautiful Martyn didn't survive.

"He left the world exactly how he lived, centre of attention. I'm in a really bad way so please forgive if I don't reply.

"Thankfully I have his wonderful and amazing friends to keep each other strong. I love you Martyn. I always will".

On Tuesday, Mr Hett's partner wrote: "Soulmate doesn't even come close. Come back to us Martyn so we can watch last nights Corrie together".

In a statement issued by Greater Manchester Police, his devastated family said he "just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time".

The statement added: "Words cannot describe the generosity and kindness our families have received over the last few days.

"We are overwhelmed with the amount of lives he has touched and the kind words that are being said about him.

"Martyn was the icon of all our lives. His infectious laugh and his niche sense of humour will stay with us forever.

"He lived for every moment of every day and fitted an entire lifetime of memories into his 29 years.

"Whilst they have taken the life out of Martyn, no one can, and ever will, take Martyn out of our lives."

Michelle Kiss

Michelle Kiss

A mother, Michelle Kiss, has been confirmed as one of the victims of the Manchester terror attack at the Ariana Grande concert on Monday night.

Her niece, Laura Murray, wrote the sad news on Facebook.

She said: "It's true thankyou everyone for your help we are all heartbroken".

Ms Kiss had been excited to take two young female children, believed to be hers, to the concert.

She wrote on Facebook: "Excited girlies ready to watch Ariana".

At least one of the children is thought to have been found safe, family friends posted on social media.

A mother of children who are reportedly at the same school as the girls Ms Kiss took to the concert wrote: "The girls at school are all saying the other little girl she was with is in contact and they are definitely safe but in hospital. Let's hope so".

Her family have said they are "absolutely devastated" by her death, adding that "we hope to draw from the courage and strength she showed in her life to get through this extremely difficult time".

Jane Tweddle-Taylor

Jane Tweddle-Taylor

A 50-year-old mother of three who went to the Manchester Arena on Monday night to pick up a friend's daughter has been confirmed as another victim of the terror attack.

Jane Tweddle-Taylor, a school receptionist from Blackpool, had gone to the venue with a friend.

Jane Bailey, Principal of South Shore Academy, where Jane worked said the school had been left "devastated" by the news.

"Jane was a well-loved member of staff and our thoughts are with her friends and family at this terrible time.

"Jane was a truly wonderful friend and colleague to all of us at South Shore Academy.

"As our receptionist, she was in many ways, the public face of the school and she represented us amazingly in this role.

"We have received numerous messages of condolences from parents, students, community members and colleagues across Blackpool  for which we are very grateful.

"All of them say the same things about our lovely Jane.... bubbly, kind, welcoming, funny, generous..... the list goes on. Our thoughts are also with her family at this dreadful time and in particular her three daughters. In our school family and theirs ...... she is irreplaceable, much loved and will never be forgotten."

Marcin and Angelika Klis

Marcin and Angelika Klis, Polish parents of a student at the University of York, have been confirmed dead after the Manchester attack.

Marcin was 42 years old, and Angelika was 40, and they both were at the concert to pick up their children.

Their 20-year-old daughter had posted a plea for help on Facebook after they didn't contact her following the attack at the Ariana Grande concert on Monday night.

The Polish foreign minister has confirmed that a couple from the country had died in the attack.

They had arranged to meet their children at the entrance where the attack occurred to take them to their home in York.

The pair leave behind two daughters, Alex and Patricia.

Kelly Brewster

Kelly Brewster

A woman from Sheffield's family have confirmed she is one of the victims of the Manchester terror attack after her body reportedly "shielded" her niece from the blast. She leaves behind a young daughter, Phoebe.

Kelly Brewster, 32, had been reported missing after the suicide bombing at Manchester Arena on Monday night.

Her partner, Ian Winslow, later wrote on Facebook: "Not sure how this works but it isn't good news. Kelly Brewster wasn't one of the unidentified hospital patients. She has sadly passed away in the terror attack yesterday.

"Kelly really was the happiest she has ever been and we had so many things planned together. My daughter Phoebe will be absolutely devastated like we all are."

Her local paper, the Sheffield Star, praised her for her bravery on the front page of the newspaper after confirming her death.

It said that she will be remembered by her community for her selfless act.

Ms Brewster had been attending the Ariana Grande concert with her sister Claire and her niece Hollie Booth when the home-made device packed with nuts and bolts exploded in the venue's foyer as thousands of young people were leaving.

Hollie has two broken legs and Claire has a broken jaw, Hollie's grandmother Tracy Booth wrote on Facebook.

Olivia Campbell

Olivia Campbell

Olivia Campbell, a fifteen-year-old, was killed in the Manchester terror attack, her mother said on Tuesday night.

Ms Campbell's mother, Charlotte Campbell, paid tribute to her daughter on Facebook.

She said: "RIP my darling precious gorgeous girl Olivia Campbell taken far far to soon go sing with the angels and keep smiling mummy loves you so much."

A heartbroken Mrs Campbell had broken down in tears on ITV's Good Morning Britain earlier in the day, when her daughter was missing.

She spoke of how she had not spoken to her daughter Olivia since she set off for the event.

"All I know is she was at the Manchester Arena with her friend watching Ariana Grande and she’s not turned up yet.

"I can’t get through to her. I’ve called the hospitals, I’ve called all the places, the hotels where people say that children have been taken.

"I’ve called the police. There’s no news, I’ve just got to wait. I’m waiting at home just in case she turns up here," she told the morning program.

John Atkinson

John Atkinson.jpg
John Atkinson

26-year-old John Atkinson has been confirmed dead by family and friends.

The pop fan, from Radcliffe , was reportedly leaving the venue when he was targeted by the attacker.

A local police force tweeted: "As the news comes in, the sympathies and condolences to the familes of Georgina Callander, Saffie Rose Roussos and John Atkinson #RIP"

Tributes were paid by the local adult dance troupe, Freak Dance Radcliffe, for whom Mr Atkinson danced competitively.

A message on Facebook from the group read: “Today is an amazingly sad day! ‘We have lost a member of our dance family."

They described him as a “happy gentle person” and a “real pleasure to teach”.

“He was a true friend, not just to our staff but many of the parents and students from the school. Our thoughts are with the family at the very sad and hard time!”

Many have posted their condolences online, saying he was an "amazing young man" and a "beautiful soul".

Lee Paul posted on Facebook: “Sleep tight John Atkinson. Thoughts and prayers with all your family and the other 21 people who lost there lives last night.”

Tracey Crolla wrote: “Thinking of all the Atkinsons at this very sad time John Atkinson you turned into an amazing young man so kind and thoughtful you will be missed by everyone x x.”

Nana Julie Mills said: “Just heard one of my good friends whom I’ve known since he was a little boy passed away last night. Condolences to his family and friends. RIP John Atkinson.”

Talie Andrea wrote: “Heartbroken for the Atkinson family at this sad time never would I imagine this happening so close to home. Rest in paradise John you beautiful soul.”

A GoFundMe  has been launched by the local community and it has raised almost £2,000.

Well-wishes wrote: "We are trying to help his family in any way possible at this tragic time. I know all us Radcliffe people can pull together and help this local family out.

"Please donate generously as we all know funeral cost are expensive and will help the family at this sad time! John was one one in a million and loved by so many!! A true gentleman. R.I.P John thoughts and prayers with you family and all of the other victims effected by this tragedy"

Alison Howe and Lisa Lees

Alison and Lisa Credit: Facebook

Two mothers waiting to collect their teenage daughters after the Ariana Grande concert were among the victims of the suicide attack at the Manchester Arena, their families said on Tuesday night.

Alison Howe, 45, and Lisa Lees, 47, from Royton, Oldham, were waiting together in the foyer of the arena when a home-made device packed with nuts and bolts exploded.

Both had been reported missing after the attack and on Tuesday night their relatives confirmed they were among the 22 victims of the atrocity.

"They took a caring beautiful mum and step mother away from us all she was amazing to us all x love you loads Alison Howe xx," Ms Howe's stepson Jordan Howe wrote on Facebook.

Ms Lees' brother, Lee Hunter, confirmed her death around the same time.

"For those who don’t know Lisa is gone but never, ever forgotten. I love you Lisa I’ll miss you so much," he wrote.

Saffie-Rose Roussos

Saffie Rose Roussos

Saffie-Rose Roussos died from her injuries at the concert on Monday night.

The headteacher at her school, Chris Upton, said: "Saffie was simply a beautiful little girl in every aspect of the word. She was loved by everyone".

In a statement released this afternoon, Tarleton Community Primary School headteacher, Chris Upton, said the news was "heartbreaking".

"News of Saffie's death in this appalling attack has come as a tremendous shock to all of us and I would like to send our deepest condolences to all of her family and friends," said Mr Upton.

"The thought that anyone could go out to a concert and not come home is heartbreaking."

He added: "Saffie was simply a beautiful little girl in every aspect of the word.

"She was loved by everyone and her warmth and kindness will be remembered fondly.

"Saffie was quiet and unassuming with a creative flair.

"Our focus is now on helping pupils and staff cope with this shocking news and we have called in specialist support from Lancashire County Council to help us do that.

"We are a tight-knit school and wider community and will give each other the support that we need at this difficult time."

Saffie's parents are believed to run a fish and chip shop in Leyland, Lancs.

Saffie-Rose's mother and sister, Lisa and her older sister Ashlee are being treated for shrapnel injuries in separate hospitals.

Kate Tinsley, whose daughter Jessica was a friend of Saffie at Tarleton Community Primary School, near Preston, had earlier told The Sun: "Everybody is worried, the whole village. Everybody is in bits waiting for news, just some news that she's okay, she's alive."

Saffie-Rose was at the concert with her mother Lisa and her older sister Ashlee, who are both reportedly being treated in hospital.

Georgina Callander

2017-05 (5812) (Read-Only).jpg
Georgina Callander

The first named victim of the Manchester terror attack was Georgina Bethany Callander, an 18-year-old Ariana Grande superfan who was excited to see her idol on Monday night.

Ms Callander had met Ariana Grande in 2015, and posted excitedly about the time she met her star on Instagram.

She attended Runshaw college in Lancashire.

The young fan, from Whittle-le-Woods in Lancashire, was one of 22 people killed by the blast as she left the Ariana Grande concert at the 21,000-capacity venue.

Her college confirmed she was dead, telling The Telegraph:  "It is with enormous sadness that it appears that one of the people who lost their lives in Monday’s Manchester attack was one of our students here at Runshaw College.

"Georgina Callander was a former Bishop Rawstorne pupil studying with us on the second year of her Health and Social Care course.

"Our deepest sympathies, thoughts and prayers go out to all of Georgina’s family, friends, and all of those affected by this loss.

"We are offering all available support possible at this tragic time, including counselling with our dedicated student support team."

Friends posted heartbroken messages on social media mourning their friend, who loved pop music and frequently attended concerts and shows.

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