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Wednesday 20 November 2019

Dell CEO bars his daughter for risky tweets

Mark Hughes in New York

The daughter of Michael Dell, CEO of Dell computers, has had her social networking sites suspended after a series of tweets and messages highlighting her family's whereabouts, despite a €2.2m-a-year security operation.

When you are a billionaire business magnate who spends €2.2m a year on security for your family, it is understandable that the discovery someone is compromising those arrangements by publishing intimate details and photographs of your private engagements on the internet may provoke ire.

For Mr Dell, the 41st richest man in the world according to 'Forbes' magazine with a fortune of €12.9bn, it must have been doubly galling to discover that the person undoing his efforts to keep his family safe was his own daughter.

Alexa Dell's social networking habits were curbed after she unintentionally disclosed details about her father's whereabouts. His security team is understood to have considered the posts compromising.

The 18-year-old was a keen user of Twitter and the photo-sharing website Tumblr, ostensibly using it like any other teenage girl to update her friends and followers on the minutiae of her daily life.


But many of her posts were stamped with a GPS location, showing exactly from where it was sent. Her posts also included the exact dates she and her family were arriving and departing certain cities and the location she was shopping.

One post included details of her forthcoming high school graduation dinner, foretelling exactly where her parents would be on that date. Other posts on Facebook show her father in relaxed mode with his son on a scuba diving trip.

The final straw apparently came last week when Miss Dell, who lives with her family in a gated €9.7m hilltop mansion in Austin, Texas, posted a photograph of her younger brother Zachary on the Tumblr site titled 'The Rich Kids of Instagram' -- a reference to the popular photographic software.

The photo depicted Zachary on the family jet eating a luxurious buffet en route to Fiji. The picture was posted using Instagram, according to 'Bloomberg Businessweek', and linked to Miss Dell's Twitter, which had references to the family's social life and day-to-day movements.

The Twitter site was taken down shortly after the Bloomberg article made reference to it. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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