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Deer 'falls from sky'

A CHICAGO woman is grateful her family is safe after a deer leapt from a bridge, landing on their minivan as it travelled along a motorway.

Heidi Conner said she and her four children were travelling at about 70mph. She said: "Nobody can believe this deer fell from the sky."

Police said witnesses reported seeing the deer jump from a bridge on to the vehicle. Police said the animal died.

A PIECE of technology for extracting drinkable water from manure is on its way to commercial application this year, a US university has said.

The technology is particularly useful for animal operations in dry regions, according to Michigan State University.

The McLanahan Nutrient Separation System is an add-on to an anaerobic digester, which extracts energy and chemicals from manure.

ADMINISTRATORS at a Chicago high school have had a change of heart after withholding diplomas from a class because students defied instructions not to toss their caps in the air at graduation.

Parents and students expressed disbelief when Ridgewood High School said it would only release diplomas if representatives of the class apologised to the school board. It said the cap-tossing was "disrespectful", but later sent out the diplomas.

A CHARITY fundraiser ran 47 miles non-stop from Norwich to Great Yarmouth and back again without realising he had a broken foot.

Scott Halliday (36) ran for cancer charity Big C but did not realise he had cracked a bone until he went to hospital with a swollen foot. He said: "I have always wanted to do something that saves someone's life, no matter what happens to my body."

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NICK Clegg has become the least popular party leader in modern British political history, according to a poll.

YouGov research for the Sunday Times found just 13pc thought the deputy prime minister was doing a good job – compared with 78pc, who said the opposite.

The Liberal Democrat's minus 65pc rating is even worse than Gordon Brown's -62pc at the height of the credit crunch crisis in 2008.

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