Thursday 23 November 2017

Daily Telegraph to remove motion sensors from journalist's desks 'immediately'

Stock image of the device from the OccupEye website.
Stock image of the device from the OccupEye website.
Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

The Daily Telegraph has issued a communicé to staff stating their intent to remove alleged 'motion sensors' which were found under journalist's desks yesterday.

The memo follows the publication of a story on Buzzfeed which claimed that the paper had "installed devices to monitor whether journalists are at their desks".

The devices were small, wireless black boxes from company OccupEye that, according to the company's website, provide 'automated workspace utilisation analysis' using heat and motion sensors.

The website reads: "Absorb the cost and scale of nationwide workplace inefficiency to understand the guaranteed OccupEye return on investment".

"Use our calculator to put a figure on the cost of YOUR inefficiency and compare your estimates against national and regional averages".

The Telegraph emailed all staff to confirm the sensors would be in place for four weeks as an 'environmental measure' to monitor energy usage in the building, Buzzfeed reported.

A short time later, the communicé was circulated which confirmed the devices would be removed with "immediate effect... in light of feedback from staff".

In a statement, OccupEye said that they "regret if any staff within any of our client workspaces have not received communication in advance of an OccupEye deployment and thus had unfounded concerns".

They continued: "We can only reassure those people that they have nothing to fear from our system ... quite the opposite, they are working for a smart organisation".

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