Sunday 27 May 2018

Dad of two victims hails verdict and vows to keep 'close eye'

Trevor Hicks was pleased with the verdict of the jury
Trevor Hicks was pleased with the verdict of the jury

Lauren Brown in Warrington

The father of teenage sisters Sarah and Vicki Hicks, who both died at Hillsborough, said campaigners had done their job and would now keep a close eye on the work of the Crown Prosecution Service.

After emerging from the inquest courtroom, Trevor Hicks also urged South Yorkshire Police to face up to the jury's finding of unlawful killing - which was question six of 14 the jury had to answer.

Wearing a badge bearing the number 96 on the lapel of his suit, Mr Hicks said: "We've known all along what happened. Obviously, it's took (sic) us 20-odd years to get here."

Referring to the specific finding that the victims of the disaster were unlawfully killed, Mr Hicks added: "I have to own up and say I was even doubtful we'd get over the line on question six - but we have."

Asked how he felt after the finding, Mr Hicks replied: "I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, to be fair.

"I think if anyone is a winner today it's society at large in that, no matter who you are, how big you are, or where you are in your organisation, the public will come after you if you do anything wrong."

Commenting specifically about the role of South Yorkshire Police, Mr Hicks said: "Obviously, they've got to face up to - even throughout these proceedings - the way they have conducted themselves.

"I go to back to what (Lord Justice) Taylor said (in his 1990 report into the disaster) in the very beginning - it would have been better if the truth had been faced."

Asked how the justice campaign would progress in light of the verdicts, Mr Hicks vowed: "We're not going anywhere.

"Obviously, we hand over to the CPS and other people now - and we will be keeping an eye on them.

"The arms of the state should be working for us now, rather than against us. We've done our job to get us here. We have exceeded all expectations - we've had a clean sweep in terms of every verdict."

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