Saturday 25 November 2017

Dad of gun boy held

The father of a four-year-old boy who shot and fatally wounded his six-year-old playmate has been arrested and charged with having weapons accessible to children.

New Jersey authorities say Anthony Senatore's son took a .22 calibre rifle from a bedroom and fired a single shot, fatally injuring neighbour Brandon Holt.

Bieber concert raid

Robbers equipped with ropes, hammers and chisels broke into a strong-room at Johannesburg's Soccer City stadium after a Justin Bieber concert and made off with 3 million rand (€254,000) in cash, local media and police have said.

Zombies-plea trucker

A Tennessee man who stole a big-rig truck in California, caused several accidents and told investigators he was fleeing zombies when he did it, has pleaded guilty to several offences.

Jerimiah Hartline pleaded guilty yesterday to assault with a deadly weapon, hit-and-run causing death or injury, and vehicle theft. He could get five years in prison.

Blooming horrible

Researchers at an Ohio State University greenhouse are awaiting a rare second bloom by a rainforest plant known as a corpse flower because of its unpleasant odour.

The university says the nearly 6ft titan arum is expected to open this week, releasing another round of its rotting-flesh smell a little more than two years after it first flowered.

Radio end is nigh

The end may be near for a California evangelical radio network used by a preacher to predict – incorrectly – the apocalypse.

Family Radio has sold its three largest stations and laid off staff. Insiders say donations have dropped almost 70pc since Harold Camping's Rapture prediction proved incorrect last year.

Walk on the wild side

A safari lodge company based in South Africa has sacked a field guide who was filmed charging on foot toward an elephant.

An online video showed the man running at an elephant in a game reserve while his friends cheered and laughed.

Feline a bit foolish

A New York policeman who tried to save a cat stuck in a tree got caught himself and needed rescuing.

Firefighters had to use a ladder to get the man and the cat down in the Bronx. The New York Police Department would not comment.

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