Thursday 14 December 2017

Dad in court after son pulled teeth

A father has pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment after his teenage son tried to pull out his own teeth because he had not been taken to a dentist.

Francisco Torres, from Pennsylvania, US, told a judge that he "procrastinated" about getting the boy dental care. Police say the boy tried to pull out his teeth after complaining of pain for several months. He needed emergency surgery.

Bus driver throws off mum and baby

A bus driver in Oregon, US, threw a woman and crying baby off a bus, saying: "I can't drive with that noise."

A company spokeswoman said drivers could take steps if they believed safety was in jeopardy. A passenger said the baby was not very loud and all the other passengers got off the bus in protest.

Weight vest taken for suicide bomb

Armed police confronted an Iranian student wearing a weight vest while jogging amid fears he was a suicide bomber, a police chief said.

Goudarz Karimi (25) was made to remove the 30kg vest by armed officers so it could be checked for explosives during the incident in Oxford, England. Officers advised the man to wear his coat over the vest when using it in future.

Von Trier quizzed on Nazi comments

Director Lars Von Trier said he was questioned on Wednesday by Danish police for possibly breaking French law when he joked about Nazis and Hitler at the Cannes film festival in May.

The controversial 55-year-old added that he would not make any more public statements or give interviews.

Man recorded his 320kmh jaunt

A Swiss motorist used his mobile phone to record himself driving near Geneva at 320kmh, nearly three times the speed limit, police said on Wednesday.

But the offence was only uncovered six months later when the 28-year-old was questioned in another case and investigators found the images still on the phone.

Engine 'alcolocks' for drunk drivers

Dutch drivers caught operating a car while massively over the legal alcohol limit will be forced to fit their cars with "alcolocks", which automatically lock the engine if the driver is over the limit.

Convicted drunk drivers found with blood alcohol levels above 1.3 mg/dl -- more than six times the legal limit of 0.2 mg/dl -- will be ordered to install alcolocks, the transport ministry said.

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