Sunday 19 November 2017

Cutest baby animals from around the world

Two Amur tiger cubs crawl through the grass in the Leipzig Zoo, eastern Germany
Two Amur tiger cubs crawl through the grass in the Leipzig Zoo, eastern Germany
Margaret, the 10-day-old Giraffe stands beside Chester Zoo keeper Tim Rowlands
A six-day-old newborn female common chimpanzee clings to her mother Uschi at Bratislava Zoo, Slovakia. Photo: Getty Images
A three-week-old Chihuahua puppy named Tom Thumb poses in a tea cup in Renton, Scotland
A newly born Madagascar lemur
Sophia, a twenty-seven-year-old Bornean orangutan, holds her newborn in her enclosure at Brookfield Zoo, Illinois
Newly born Chimpanzee, 'Honey', is supported by the hand of her mother 'Julia' at the zoo in Lahore, Pakistan
New born lion cubs pictured with their mother at Wuppertal Zoo Germany
A baby hippopotamus dives into her water enclosure in Berlin Zoo
An endangered baby Francois' Langur monkey called Laa Laa settles in following her birth at London Zoo
Nine baby lions born at the Serengeti Hodenhagen, western Germany
Red Panda cub 'Pemba' receives a treat at Taronga Zoo in Sydney
A three-month-old gorilla at San Francisco Zoo
A young dolphin pictured together with his mother in the aquarium of the Zoo of Madrid
Three three-month-old rare white lions born at Jurques Zoo near Caen, western France
A new-born macaque, 'Sashko', hugs his mother at Sofia Zoo, Bulgaria
A baby meerkat pictured at London Zoo
Kintana, an aye-aye from Madagascar was the first captive bred aye-aye in the United Kingdom
A six-and-a-half-week-old lion cub is shown to the media at the Budapest Zoo
A litter of boxer pups
Wilbaer, the four-month old polar bear cub is seen playing with his mother Corinna during the first day of his public appearance at the Wilhemina in Stuttgart
A black-and-white ruffed lemur pictured at the zoo in Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
A newly-born white snake pictured at the Zoo Aquarium in Madrid, Spain
A rihno calf named Lulu at Budapest Zoo
A three and a half month old ring tailed lemur is seen with its mother 'Bijou' at the San Francisco Zoo
Fataki, a baby western lowland gorilla, clings to the back of its mother Frala at Taronga Zoo in Sydney
Picture taken at Guadalajara's zoo, Mexico of a female snow white tiger with her cubs
A three day old baby elephant plays with his mother 'Pori' in their enclosure at the Zoological Garden Berlin
New born cheetah cubs lean against their mother, 'Tumai', during a preview showing at the National Zoo in Washington
Baby tapir, Corumba, is pictured at the Amneville zoo, eastern France
A zookeeper displays four new born Egyptian tortoises at the Bioparco di Roma, the Zoo in Rome

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