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Longford-based man who recovered from Covid-19 makes headlines in native Nigeria as a beacon of hope


John Opabola

John Opabola

John Opabola

A LONGFORD-based IT worker has offered hope in his native Nigeria that people can recover from Covid-19.

John Opabola, who lived in Longford but works as an IT expert in Dublin, has made a full recovery from the virus despite falling seriously ill and having to be rushed to hospital by ambulance.

His story of recovery has now made headlines in Nigeria with the Lagos-based Channel S.

John first noticed he had a dry, persistent cough but initially dismissed it as the flu.

"It started with the dry cough. I wasn't suspicious at first. Then I noticed that my temperature spike and then stayed high at 38.7 degrees. I then noticed pain and tiredness," he said.

"I told work and stayed at home. I contacted our local GP practice and said I wanted to get tested. Breathing was extremely difficult for me and I could not stand by myself.

"I thought it was flu at first but it quickly deteriorated and the temperature spiked. It was very, very painful.

"Then I started vomiting blood and my wife called the ambulance. They came, they assessed me and gave me the choice of going in for treatment or not. I was lucky that I opted to go in for treatment.

"I was lucky I did not have any underlying health conditions as well. It all started around March 25 and 26. By March 28 I had to call off work because of the severe tiredness and the pains. A few days later I started vomiting. You are looking at seven or eight days before it was full blown in my system.

"The ambulance was called on Saturday when I started vomiting blood.

"The hospital did very well - they put me on an IV line and antibiotics.

"It was very difficult. My wife had to make sure I was alright and yet at the same time make sure she was not infected. My wife was very strong and she helped me through this. But I also have a strong faith in God and I believed I would get through this."

John's story made headlines in Nigeria where the country is closely following developments with the pandemic in Europe given how many Nigerian nationals now work throughout the EU.

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