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'I've got coronavirus' - former Dubs ace Mick Carton reveals he's sick in hospital


Tested positive: Mick Carton decided to self-isolate after suffering flu-like symptoms

Tested positive: Mick Carton decided to self-isolate after suffering flu-like symptoms

Tested positive: Mick Carton decided to self-isolate after suffering flu-like symptoms

Former Dublin hurler Mick Carton has revealed he has tested positive for coronavirus.

The 35-year-old father, who is now a firefighter, started to suffer from flu-like symptoms in recent days and decided to self-isolate.

However, soon after being tested for Covid-19 he was made aware that he had contracted the virus.

Taking to Twitter from his hospital bed, Carton has issued a warning to stay vigilant about all the different symptoms of the contagious disease.

"I had been self-isolating for a few days with flu-like symptoms, got tested and came back positive for Covid-19 on Saturday," he wrote.

"A few things I've learned; it's very tough self-isolating when you're feeling really sick, but texts and phone calls from friends and family really do help.

"The symptoms I had were a headache, chills and fever.

"I had no respiratory problems so don't just be looking for a cough," he added.

Carton, who played in Dublin's Leinster-winning team in 2013 and league-winning side in 2011, added his condition is improving despite being "very poor" at the start.

"I'm in hospital since Saturday," he added.

"I felt I was just left my own devices really and not getting better.

"The care has improved over the last day or so.

"I feel a little better today so hopefully I'll keep improving now."

Carton isn't the only sportsman in Ireland to contract the virus.

Last week, Simonstown Gaels GAA club, in Co Meath, confirmed that one of its adult players had tested positive for Covid-19.

The player had returned from a holiday in Italy with another club member but has not visited the club since returning to Ireland.

Both players agreed to a two-week period of self-isolation and the second player has shown no symptoms.

Meanwhile, Dublin is the latest county to postpone all club matches in April owing to the coronavirus outbreak.

Limerick and Galway have also cancelled their club fixtures for next month.

Dublin had fixed club championship matches in both football and hurling for April and county board secretary John Costello said that it may be forced to alter the format of its competitions.

"If the current pandemic continues beyond April, it is proposed to engage with the Leinster Council and the National Competition Controls Committee with a view to restructuring our games programme for 2020," he said.

"This may include the redesign of the current formats.

"If so, we will engage with the clubs prior to any decision being made."

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