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Home-workers more likely to put in extra hours and check emails


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Almost half of Irish workers feel under pressure to check emails and work beyond their office hours.

A new study reveals 47pc of employees struggle to call a halt to their working day.

The study by Taxback.com was carried out on the eve of the coronavirus crisis and the situation may be even worse now as the labour force working from home are more likely to work a longer day.

Research carried out by private network service provider, NordVPN Teams, found workers in the United States are logging in for an extra three hours a day now compared with before March 11.

This represents a 40pc jump, while in the UK, France, Spain and Canada, the working day has extended by two hours.

When asked if they feel pressure to work outside their set working hours, some 53pc of Irish workers said they are able to "leave work at the front door", according to the Irish Taxback.com survey.

But 25pc said they go in early or start late, 14pc work extra hours and check emails outside normal office hours. Meanwhile, another 8pc said they check emails when not at work.

Chief executive of Taxback.com, Joanna Murphy, said workers feel pressure from employers and also have high expectations of themselves.

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