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Daily Digest Evening Edition: Kissinger warns leaders over handling of coronavirus, WhatsApp cracks down and some advice for asthmatics


Former US Secretary of State , Henry Kissinger

Former US Secretary of State , Henry Kissinger

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Former US Secretary of State , Henry Kissinger

Welcome to the evening edition of the Daily Digest, keeping you up to date with the latest news today. 

Henry Kissinger has seen his fair share of global crises. He says the coronavirus pandemic will forever alter the world order and failure to manage it properly could set the world on fire.

Writing in the Washington Post, the former US Secretary of State says this is an epochal period, with an historic challenge for leaders to manage the crisis while building the future.

Never mind Brexit, our near neighbours are certainly experiencing an even bigger crisis.

Here’s just some of today’s best Covid-19 coverage you can trust from Independent.ie, Ireland and across the world.

Fionnán Sheahan
Ireland Editor

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A complicated comeback

The economy is gone into cold storage to fight the coronavirus. Defrosting it and warming activity up is easier said than none. Donal O’Donovan assesses the complicated decisions that will have to be taken, balancing public health and economic health. (Premium)

Slow fake-news day

You know that WhatsApp message you got from a friend, whose cousin was in the Tesco queue and overheard a phone conversation from a fella whose wife knows a woman married to a delivery driver who did a drop-off at the Department of Health and now you’re not to eat avocados but can eat cucumbers to beat off coronavirus. Yeah, well, you can’t share them as much now.

Boris is stable

The Russians weren’t all that far off by reporting Boris Johnson’s condition was worse than the British public was being told. Thankfully, the Prime Minister is now in a stable condition in intensive care and his aides insist he is not on a ventilator.

The rise of Rishi

Fortunately, he didn’t have time to move into the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s apartment in No 11 Downing Street. Rishi Sunak has been implementing economic decisions to see Britain through the biggest financial crisis since the war. And with Boris Johnson in hospital, his role is even more critical. The Brexiteer's rise through the ranks has been momentous.

Tubs is back

Struck down by the coronavirus for the past fortnight, Ryan Tubridy has fully recovered and was back in the radio studio this morning looking hale and hearty and healthy.

Doctor’s orders

While everyone is worried about getting the virus, those with respiratory illnesses already are particularly perturbed. Dr Jennifer Grant answers questions about the concerns of asthmatics.

Seven-day weeks

Farmers are providing a vital service, keeping the food chain moving.

Margaret Donnelly speaks to a self-isolating Cork couple about their concerns for their farm as they move into peak milking season. (Premium)

Breathtaking moments

The clampdown of the last month is almost Italia '90 in reverse - an unforgettable shared experience that consumed the nation. In these bleak times, let’s look at the sporting moments that captured the imagination over the past 30 years. (Premium)

A non-traditional Easter

Jerusalem would normally be in one of its busiest weeks with Easter approaching. But the restrictions on public gatherings to curb the spread of Covid-19 means religious orders are being creative.

Instead, Jerusalem’s clergy are getting ready to celebrate one of the oldest traditions via modern means.

And the fascinating history of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which previously closed its doors during the Black Death, is explored here.

Bingo Matt

His southern drawl is well known to movie fans and now Matthew McConaughey has moved from the Dallas Buyers Club to the Texas Bingo Club. The Hollywood star hosted a virtual bingo game with residents at a nursing home.

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