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Amazon and eBay under fire as profiteering sellers jack up prices tenfold on vital household items







Amazon and eBay are being urged to clamp down harder on coronavirus profiteering by sellers, after consumer magazine 'Which?' found many everyday household products being offered at inflated prices.

'Which?' said it had found overpricing of cleaning products, thermometers, baby formula and tampons.

In several cases, prices were around 10 times what shoppers would normally expect to pay and in some instances the price inflation was even higher.

'Which?' said online marketplaces should be bringing in stricter controls to identify and prevent sellers charging unjustifiable high prices for essentials - and policies must be communicated clearly and directly with sellers.

However, both eBay and Amazon said they were taking tough action against "price gouging" - which happens when a seller dramatically inflates the price of goods.

Some of the worst examples found include:

:: A digital thermometer was selling for nearly £300 on eBay and almost £150 on Amazon when the typical price is around £40 (€43.50).

:: Disinfectant costing around £3 was being sold for almost £30 on eBay and nearly £10 on Amazon.

:: Bottles of antibacterial hand lotion which often retail for around £1 were priced at more than £10 each on Amazon and eBay.

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