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'Committed, loyal staff who also have fun'

LIKE most big technology companies, Facebook has a reputation for promoting a culture of ownership and creativity, while having a fairly relaxed office atmosphere.

Unlike the financial world, suits and ties are the exception rather than the rule. Meals are free, while there are football and air hockey tables on site.

The offices, be they in Menlo Park in California, or Hanover Quay in Dublin, are renowned for their quirky design, with exposed heating ducts and piping, while staff are encouraged to write on the deliberately unfinished walls.

The extras though are not the focus of the operation. The concentration is very much on working hard, and hitting your targets.


One former Facebook staffer says the culture of the business demands total commitment, but to have some fun at the same time.

"The working atmosphere is relaxed but intense at the same time. In the time I was there I never had my boss screaming at me or anything like that but most employees are over-achievers who are totally committed to the job. There's no need for the boss to be on their backs.

"Working hours are fairly flexible in the sense that you can start as late as 10am in most teams but everyone knows what their targets are and that can mean 10 or 12-hour days at times.

"The company also lays on a lot of staff nights out where food and drink is paid for.

"They seem very much focused on staff seeing themselves as a family and that fosters a lot of loyalty among the workers.

"Mark Zuckerberg has this public reputation of being a bit 'different' but he is loved by the staff," the ex-staffer said.

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