Tuesday 10 December 2019

Chainsaw diplomacy

A LANDLORD demanding rent arrears threatened tenants and German police with a whirring chainsaw, a police spokesman said yesterday.

The frightened tenants called police to the scene, and the 45-year-old man eventually dropped the chainsaw when the officers showed their guns.

How to avoid your ex

TRYING to avoid an awkward encounter with an ex? Fearful of an embarrassing meeting after an argument?

New apps can help people avoid bumping into others and provide escape routes if they do. By logging on to Facebook and other social networking sites, users can choose people they do not want to see.


AN eight-year-old South

Carolina girl's dream of having the woolly mammoth become the official state fossil has been put on hold.

Lawmakers are debating a Republican amendment that gives God credit for creation of the prehistoric animal.


NEW Yorkers, who live in the city that famously never sleeps, now can satisfy their craving for cupcakes in any of those endless waking hours.

A 24-hour vending machine that dispenses gourmet cupcakes opened for business this week on Manhattan's Upper East Side,

Shark-drawn kayak

A HAMMERHEAD shark dragged a college student in his kayak up the Atlantic coast for a two-hour 'South Florida sleigh ride' that the kayaker taped with a head-mounted camera and posted on YouTube.

Adam Fisk, (22), posted a five-minute clip of his adventure titled 'Lone Man Gets Towed for Miles in Kayak by 11 Foot Hammerhead Shark.'


A WOMAN abandoned as a newborn 27 years ago in an Allentown, Pennsylvania, fast-food restaurant bathroom has been reunited with her birth mother after a social media blitz, local media reported yesterday.

Katheryn Deprill, left in the Burger King bathroom only hours after she was born, met her birth mother on Monday in a lawyer's office, she told WFMZ television.


A MAN swept out to sea by seven-foot waves during an oceanside baptismal ceremony in Santa Barbara California on Sunday remained missing a day later.

Hopes are fading he would be found alive, officials said.

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