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Cat burglar wore fake moustache

A woman wore a fake moustache to disguise herself as a man while stealing from her neighbours, who had given her a key to their house.

They set security cameras and a cash bait after noticing thousands of dollars went missing from their Salt Lake City, US, home. The cameras showed a woman wearing a suit, hat and fake moustache. The victims recognised her and she faces burglary and theft charges.

‘Stolen’ car rolled to nearby garage

A car reported stolen from an Australian shopping centre car park was found two weeks later in the closed garage of a nearby home where it had apparently rolled in while the residents were on holiday.

Police think the car's owner failed to leave its gear in park and it rolled across a street and down a driveway before going under the garage door.

No drugs charges for grandmother

A 67-year-old grandmother has been cleared of drugs charges after police in Pennsylvania, US, found seven 4ft marijuana plants behind her home.

Alberta Kelly said she tossed a handful of seeds into her garden after a bearded stranger gave them to her and she wanted something to look pretty next to her tomatoes.

Fleetwood Mac guitarist dies at 64

Bob Weston, a British guitarist who played with Fleetwood Mac, has died aged 64.

Police said Mr Weston's body was found in his London home on Tuesday after neighbours raised the alarm. The death is not being treated as suspicious. An autopsy revealed the causes of death as gastric intestinal haemorrhage, cirrhosis of the liver and throat problems.

Actress Drew to wed for third time

Drew Barrymore is engaged to art consultant Will Kopelman. It will be the actress's third marriage. The couple were reportedly engaged over the holidays. She was briefly married to Jeremy Thomas in 1994 and to comedian Tom Green in 2001.

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