Tuesday 24 September 2019

Canadian police investigate after 14th human foot washes up on coastline

British Columbia, Canada
British Columbia, Canada

Kyle Ewald

Canadian police are investigating after a 14th human foot washed up on the British Columbia’s coastline since 2007.

The most recent grim finding was made Sunday on Gabriola Island in the strait of Georgia, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The feet found around Canada. Photo: BC Coroners Service
The feet found around Canada. Photo: BC Coroners Service

The grisly discovery was made by a man who had been walking along the beach when he noticed a dismembered foot inside of a hiking boot lodged in a logjam.

Since 2007, 13 other feet, all still wearing shoes, have washed up on the province’s shorelines, sparking mass speculation into the odd reoccurring incidents.

While some theorists predict the numerous feet finds can be linked to natural disasters, or plane or accidents at sea, others have darker notions, believing the feet could be the work of a serial killer or a criminal organisation.

Speaking to the Guardian in 2016, Barb McLintock of the province’s coroner’s office said the occurrences have sparked a series of pranks including dog foot skeletons in runners being left on the beach.

“Somebody even used old chicken bones,” said Ms McLintock.

Contrary to some of the more imaginative theories, the provincial coroner’s office have ruled out foul play in the majority of the previous cases, nothing that none of the feet showed signs of trauma.

Eight of the feet, including two pairs, have been identified and the remaining feet all belonged to men. According to the coroner, all the individuals either killed themselves or died accidentally. Due to decomposition, their feet detach from their bodies but the modern materials in the sneakers prevent the feet themselves from decomposing and allow them to float to shore.

Police are currently working with forensic identification and the provincial coroner to identify the most recently discovered remains. 

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