Saturday 25 November 2017

Calorie-count app for the iPhone

Worried about how many calories are in that slice of pizza, chocolate cake or bag of chips? A new iPhone application may help.

After taking a picture of the meal with the phone, the app gives a calorie count readout almost instantly.

Cowell dismisses mum's concerns

Simon Cowell has dismissed concerns raised by his mother that he is risking his health with a gruelling workload, saying: "You know what mums are like."

The star's mum Julie (84) had pleaded with her son, who is taking 'The X Factor' to the US, to slow down or risk suffering a fatal heart attack like his father Eric.

Cocaine 'part of movie budgets'

Actor Dennis Quaid says his biggest mistake was getting addicted to cocaine, but the drug was so prevalent in the 1980s that supplies were built into the budgets of movies.

In an article for 'Newsweek' called 'My Favourite Mistake', Quaid (57) said he started doing cocaine when he left college and came to work in LA in 1974.

Baby girl almost sold to molester

Police have charged four people in a scheme to sell a baby girl to a convicted child molester and his sister.

The 'Indianapolis Star' reports that police say 36-year-old Rose Faucett and 58-year-old Phillip A Hester agreed to sell their daughter to Michael S Overby and Debbie Overby for $300 (€207). Michael Overby (57) is a convicted child molester.

Planes clip each other on runway

The world's biggest commercial passenger jet clipped the tail of another plane while taxiing to leave New York's John F Kennedy International Airport.

There were no injuries when the super jumbo Air France Airbus A380 touched the other plane.

Cops out to pinch lobster thief

Police would like to get their claws on a woman accused of shoplifting 14 live lobsters.

Police Captain Paul Callaghan in Rochester, New Hampshire, said the 14 lifted lobsters amounted to about 7kg of seafood.

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