Monday 27 January 2020

Cafe owners fume at marijuana plan

Dutch coffee shops have gone to court to block a plan to stop foreigners from buying marijuana in the Netherlands.

Proposals to turn the cafes into "members only" clubs -- in a move to rein in foreign "drug tourists" who resell marijuana in neighbouring countries -- would be the most significant change to Dutch drug policy in decades.

It's a dog's life -- with all-day TV

Two months after its San Diego debut, canine cable channel DogTV is heading for national distribution across the US, an executive for the enterprise said.

The advertising-free programming is aimed at stay-at-home pooches whose working masters fret about their pet's separation anxiety when left unattended.

Drillers linked to US earthquakes

THE number of earthquakes has risen "spectacularly" in an area where oil and gas drillers disposed of waste water underground, a process that may have caused geologic faults to slip.

The average number of earthquakes of magnitude 3 or greater in the US midcontinent increased to six times the 20th Century average last year, scientists at the US Geological Survey said.

Trophy dream in pieces -- literally

The championship dream is intact, but the $30,000 (€23,000) crystal American football trophy has been shattered at the University of Alabama in the US.

A player's father broke the Waterford crystal trophy awarded to the Crimson Tide after they defeated Louisiana State University for the national collegiate title, an official said.

Potter book to boost charities

Author JK Rowling is working on a Harry Potter encyclopedia, and will donate the royalties to charity, she has said on her website.

Four years ago the British writer took an independent US publisher to court to stop its plans for a reference book on the world of the boy wizard, saying it was a "rip-off".

Jolie set to tackle new UN crises role

Film star Angelina Jolie will use her box office fame to draw attention to some of the world's worst humanitarian disasters, the UN said.

Ms Jolie, who has served more than 10 years as goodwill ambassador for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, is taking on a new role as special envoy for large-scale crises that cause civilians to flee their homelands.

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