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Buffered between life and death

A FUNERAL home in Brazil is broadcasting its services live over the internet, giving millions of expats the chance to say a final goodbye to their loved ones.

The Gonzaga funeral home in Governador Valadares has started streaming video of burials, Masses and funeral processions in real time to those who cannot make it to the ceremonies.

Women arrested in Mafia inquiry

Authorities in southern Italy say two women have been arrested in an operation against suspected mafiosi -- a development that reflects the increasing role of women in running the Mob's affairs.

Police say those named in the 24 arrest warrants are suspected members or associates of the Pesce crime clan, which is based near the Calabrian town of Rosarno.

Thief with grudge banned from M&S

A SERIAL shoplifter with a grudge against Marks & Spencer has been banned from the chain by a judge. Leonard O'Neill (62) from Marylebone, central London, admitted stealing food and clothes in a six-month crime spree which he said was motivated by a dispute over refunds for shirts.

A judge at the Old Bailey gave O'Neill a 10-month jail sentence, suspended for two years, and banned him from all branches of M&S for the next two years.

'Star-Spangled Banner' for sale

AN 1814 first edition of the US national anthem 'The Star-Spangled Banner' is being put up for auction in New York and is expected to fetch up to €225,000.

Christie's says it is the only known copy in private hands and one of only 11 first-edition copies known to exist.

Go easy on 'eat up your greens'

PARENTS, beware. Telling your child to clean their plate may help produce a fussy eater, while tight control of what they eat could make children prone to overeating, according to a new study.

However, it has not been made clear whether these parental tactics were a cause of or a response to their children's' eating habits.

Murderer admits eighth victim

A SERIAL killer has added an eighth victim to his record, admitting that a woman he strangled in 1995 was his first murder.

Alfred Gaynor (43), of Massachusetts, pleaded guilty to murdering mother-of-four Vera Hallums (34), who was bound, beaten and strangled in her Springfield apartment.

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