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Buddhist monks party to scandal

SIX leaders from South Korea's biggest Buddhist order have quit after secret video footage showed some monks raising hell, playing high-stakes poker, drinking and smoking.

The scandal erupted just days before Koreans observe a national holiday to celebrate the Buddha's birth.

'Terrorist' baby taken off plane

A SPOKESMAN for the family of an 18-month-old girl who was pulled off a flight because airline employees thought her name was on the US no-fly list has said the family is looking for an apology or an explanation from the airline JetBlue, which blamed the problem on a computer glitch.

The US Transportation Security Administration says the girl had never been flagged by the agency.

'Housewarming' in local cemetery

A MAN who announced his change of address in a local newspaper sparked national media attention in Germany yesterday due to the unusual location of his "new home" -- six feet under the ground.

Karl Albrecht, who died last month, aged 88, penned the obituary himself, inviting friends to a celebration at his new lodgings in a Hamburg cemetery.

1840s beer may be back on tap

WANT a 170-year-old beer?

Finnish researchers say they may be able to recreate beer from the 1840s after finding living bacteria in beer from a shipwreck.

Half-tonne of pasta a bulk buy

SHOPPERS can buy a half-tonne box of pasta from Thursday at supermarkets in Turkey, but not in the world's spaghetti capital of Italy.

It is too heavy for the shopping trolley, but delivery is included in the price.

Slim chance of being fat on eggs

EATING eggs for breakfast is more effective at preventing hunger for overweight people than having cereal, according to new research.

The study, funded by the American Egg Board, found that the consumption of eggs reduced hunger and boosted hormones that made people feel full.

Britney signs up for 'US X Factor'

BRITNEY Spears is coming to the rescue of 'America's X Factor', the singing contest in search of a ratings boost.

The pop star has signed on as a judge for the show's second season, a person familiar with the deal said.

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