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Briton accused of killing 11-year-old

BULGARIAN police say a British retiree has been charged with murder after strangling an 11-year-old boy. .

The Interior Ministry said in a statement yesterday that the 71-year-old British citizen, identified only by his initials DB, had confessed before a judge to killing the boy. The statement says he became enraged because he suspected the boy of torturing his dog. The British man had long-term resident status and had lived in the village of Lagoshevtsi for five years.

Thank you for the music . . . again

ABBA fans will soon again be saying "Thank you for the music" with the release of a new track on a special edition of the 'The Visitors' album.

The record, including new track 'From a Twinkling Star to a Passing Angel', is the first official new release by the Swedish group in 18 years. Universal Music Group spokeswoman Mia Segolsson said yesterday that the album -- originally released in 1981 -- will be available in stores from April 23.

Ex-Aston Villa star Hendrie bankrupt

FORMER England and Aston Villa footballer Lee Hendrie was declared bankrupt yesterday after failing to repay a debt of more than £200,000 (€238,000).

A petition for bankruptcy was brought against the midfielder by Revenue and Customs on December 19, the British High Court was told. The 34-year-old, who did not attend the hearing in London, owed a total of £235,808.73 (€280,000). The court was told there had been no contact from Hendrie, no letters had been returned and no payments made.

Families return to Dale Farm site

FAMILIES have returned to the UK's largest illegal travellers' site in defiance of a High Court order.

Basildon Council and Essex Police cleared Dale Farm after violent clashes in October last year. Yesterday, the council said it had been made aware that "a small number of caravans" had moved back on to the area of the site covered by a High Court injunction.

Police on lookout for red-faced thief

GERMAN police say a thief was in for a surprise yesterday after making off with a red plastic box from the back of a station wagon.

Inside were seven wooden penises of varying sizes, 100 condoms, and instructional material for sex education classes at a local counselling centre.

Police in Goettingen said the material was worth about €200.

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