Wednesday 17 January 2018

Boys accidentally take liquid LSD

TWO Pennsylvania brothers who were rushed to a hospital in September inadvertently took liquid LSD from a bottle of breath mint drops they found on the ground near their home.

Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli said that investigators determined the boys, aged 7 and 10, ingested the hallucinogenic drug. They were hallucinating and foaming at the mouth when they were brought to hospital, but were released the following day after treatment.

3,500 year-old brewery found

Archaeologists working in western Cyprus are raising a glass to the discovery of a Bronze Age 'microbrewery'.

The team excavated a 6ft by 6ft mud-plaster domed structure, which it says was used as a kiln to dry malt and make beer 3,500 years ago.

Man 'fired over his accent' sues firm

A Utah truck driver is suing FedEx, claiming it fired him because of his Russian accent, even though he offered to appear before top executives to demonstrate his English-speaking abilities.

Ismail Aliyev, a Turk who left Russia in 2005 with his family, is seeking punitive damages from the shipping company and GNB Trucking, the long-haul contractor that employed him.

Radio presenter on air since WW2

The Second World War was still raging when Maruja Venegas began broadcasting a show for Peru's children.

Sixty-eight years later, her Radio Club Infantil is still on the air, and 'Guinness World Records' says the 97-year-old woman is the globe's longest-running radio personality.

Four charged in Singapore strike

FOUR Chinese immigrant workers who organised Singapore's first strike in nearly three decades face up to a year in prison after being charged with instigating labour unrest.

The bus drivers for the island's public transport company have been charged and are in jail while an investigation continues. Strikes are practically unheard of in Singapore.

Coyotes wild over baseball game

Wild baseball fans are a standard sight at Chicago's historic Wrigley Field, but a pair of wild coyotes strolling past the stadium was not what photographer Will Byington was expecting on a busy Friday night.

He was shooting nearby when he saw the coyotes near the ticketing area. The ballpark is surrounded by bars, restaurants and busy streets – but the animals seemed unfazed by the honking horns and packed pavements.

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