Thursday 18 January 2018

Boffins bring some focus to 'beer goggles'

Melanie Hall

IT IS a phenomenon many will have experienced after a few drinks. Known as "beer goggles", it can transform the most ordinary face into something far more attractive. Now an expert claims to have a scientific explanation.

The reason some people appear to lower their standards temporarily while under the influence is not because their perception of others has changed – it is just that they still have the urge to mate while other functions, including self-restraint, are impaired, according to a new book.

Dr Amanda Ellison, senior lecturer in the department of psychology at Durham University, claims that the brain is designed so that the urge to mate is preserved above all else.

"We still see others basically as they are," explained Dr Ellison, who wrote a book entitled 'Getting Your Head Around the Brain'.

"There is no imagined physical transformation – just more desire."

Irish Independent

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