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Sunday 22 April 2018

Bees thrown off scent

Diesel pollution makes it harder for honeybees to find flowers – by changing the chemical make-up of their scent, scientists have found.

Honeybees use floral odours to find flowers that will give the best yields of pollen and nectar. But diesel fumes can affect their ability to locate and recognise the plants, the study published in the journal Scientific Reports found.


A US national park ranger is hoping to return to work after a knee operation – at the age of 93.

Lyle Ruterbories has been the manager, handyman and rules enforcer of Glacier National Park's Kintla Lake camp ground near the Canadian border for 20 years. He is the oldest known seasonal ranger in the National Park Service.


Justin Bieber will not face criminal charges for allegedly threatening a neighbour who complained about his driving.

Los Angeles County prosecutors decided there was insufficient evidence to charge the pop star, according to City News Service. A neighbour of Bieber told a sheriff's deputy that the 19-year-old threatened him and spat in his direction when he confronted him about his driving last March.


Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant has a new leak of highly radioactive water entering the Pacific Ocean after a storage tank overflowed.

Plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co said that workers detected the water dripping from the top of a tank while patrolling the site.


Terrified Muslim families hid in forests in western Burma a day after fleeing renewed sectarian violence that killed at least five people even as the president toured the region for the first time.

The violence underscored the government's failure to stop the unrest from spreading since it erupted last year, costing hundreds of people their lives and many thousands their homes.


Film director Steven Spielberg and US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor are among six people who have received Harvard University's highest honour in the field of African and African-American studies – the WEB Du Bois medal.

The Hutchins Centre for African and African-American Research cited Spielberg's filmmaking and his establishment of a foundation to record oral histories of survivors of the Holocaust and other genocides.

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