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Barry Manilow has hip repair surgery

'Copacabana' singer Barry Manilow underwent hip repair surgery the day after

completing a seven-year run of shows in Las Vegas, his

representatives said.

The 68-year-old Manilow had the surgery on Monday at a Los Angeles hospital, said spokeswoman Annie Jeeves.

€8m Christmas tree gets the chop

An Abu Dhabi hotel which went overboard with a £7m (€8.31m) Christmas tree last year is now opting for a more modest display.

This year, the Emirates Palace hotel's tree is decorated with foil ornaments wrapped with cloth ribbons. The beachfront hotel was criticised for bad taste last year when it loaded a 43ft tree with ornaments that included gold, diamonds and sapphires.

Santa gave girls date-rape drug

A man dressed as Santa has drugged a series of young girls at a Berlin Christmas market, leaving them sick and confused.

Police said it appeared up to eight people had been slipped a date-rape drug. The man handed out single-shot bottles of alcohol, asking people to join him in celebrating his child's birth.

Prime minister pays price of love

A traditional African chief has fined Zimbabwe's prime minister two cows, two sheep and 10 yards of cloth for breaking a tribal taboo that forbids marriage negotiations during a period deemed "sacred" in folklore.

A Harare businesswoman who had a relationship with widower Morgan Tsvangirai claimed he paid a traditional "bride price" and married her in November when no marriage rites are allowed.

Guinness record for coffee beans

A mosaic made with a million coffee beans by Albanian artist Saimir Strati, depicting five musicians, has entered the Guinness World Records as the world's largest coffee-bean mosaic.

Mr Strati used 140kg of coffee beans to depict the musicians.

Chinese navy eyes base in Seychelles

China says it may accept an offer from the Seychelles to host its navy ships, in a further sign of the Chinese military's expanding reach.

A defence ministry statement said the Indian island nation's government invited Chinese ships to visit China has contributed ships to a multinational force conducting anti-piracy patrols off the coast of Somalia since late 2008.

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