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Bail in bribing case

A Singapore businessman accused of bribing three Lebanese soccer match officials with prostitutes has been released on bail after he entered a not guilty plea in court yesterday.

Businessman Eric Ding Si Yang, who once worked for the local 'New Paper' tabloid as a football tipster, will contest the three corruption charges that had been filed against him, his lawyer Thong Chee Kun told reporters.

Teen crushed in truck

A French teenager who had hidden inside a garbage container was crushed to death inside a trash truck in Luxembourg on Saturday, police said.

Garbage men only discovered the 17-year-old when he shouted out as they emptied the container into the back of the truck, but by then he was already in the grasp of the crushing mechanism.

Airlines spark anger

Airline passengers are getting grumpier as carriers keep shrinking the size of seats in order to stuff more people into their planes, researchers say. Empty middle seats that might provide a little more room have vanished.

A US report said consumer complaints surged 20pc last year even though airlines have been doing a better job with other measures, like on-time arrivals.

Poet's body exhumed

The body of Chilean Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda was exhumed on Monday after his former driver said the poet was poisoned under Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship.

Mr Neruda, famed for his passionate love poems and staunch communist views, was presumed to have died from prostate cancer in 1973.

Cookie bites back

A man dressed as the Cookie Monster has been accused of shoving a two-year-old in New York's Times Square and has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez appeared in court on charges including aggressive begging. He did not enter a plea. A Connecticut family posed for a photo with the man dressed as the 'Sesame Street' character. Police say he demanded $2 but the family refused to pay. A criminal complaint says the man pushed the toddler and yelled obscenities.

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