Friday 19 October 2018

Bad week at work? There's a 'rage-room' where you can smash things to alleviate stress

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Having a bad week at work? A bizarre new business in Singpore has come up with a new way to help you alleviate stress.

The Fragment Room - dubbed the 'rage room' - allows customers to smash items, such as glass bottles, plates and electric appliances, with a baseball bat.

On its website the company says:

"So your boss shouted at you. So your train broke down today. Wouldn’t it be great to go somewhere and release your rage? Let’s smash that anger to fragments."

Packages offered on The Fragment Room's website
Packages offered on The Fragment Room's website

It describes the services offered as "the most exciting anger therapy in the market".

The set-up includes a cell-like bare room where people can relieve stress in a destructive way. Visitors are given protective clothing to wear during the exercise including a helmet and overalls.

Various packages are available including an 'unlimited crates' option which costs around €220.

The owners told news agency AFP that everyone from anxious office workers to stressed-out students have already made use of their services.

People can also opt to bring their own items to smash and the most popular devices being brought by stressed-out people is printers.

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