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Baby loss a hard lesson -- Kelly

KELLY Brook (32) has described her miscarriage as "the hardest lesson" after losing the baby she was expecting with rugby player Thom Evans last May.

The model said she had "changed her life dramatically" since losing the baby girl while five months pregnant.

"My miscarriage was a hard lesson. Before I fell pregnant, I'd been living the life of a 22-year-old -- going to clubs, working hard and flying to a different country every two weeks," she said. "When I first fell pregnant, I still thought I could do whatever I wanted, but my body let me know that wasn't the case. When I miscarried, I was devastated.

"It was the hardest lesson but, ultimately, a good one. I've changed my life dramatically. I've reduced my workload and I'm eating more healthily and exercising more. If I were to fall pregnant now, I'd feel ready."

Irish Independent