Sunday 25 March 2018

Australian man inserts and ‘loses’ fork in penis

A bizarre medical case has drawn the attention of media today – a rare ailment of ‘fork in penis’.

A 70-year-old man from Canberra, Australia managed to insert a four-inch steel fork into his urethra but the utensil became stuck, leading the man to seek medical attention.

The “An Unusual Urethral Foreign Body” case was written up in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports as medics deemed it worthy due to the “oddity and infrequency with which a fork is encountered in the penile urethra”.   

The fork, which was not visible by the time the elderly man presented himself at Canberra Hospital’s Emergency Department, was reportedly inserted with an aim to achieve sexual gratification.  

According to the report, “multiple retrieval methods were contemplated with success achieved via forceps traction and copious lubrication”.

The report authors state that the motives for such an insertion are “difficult to comprehend”.

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