Sunday 21 January 2018

WATCH: 'It was all worth it' Australian teenager almost killed after jumping into crocodile-infested waters to impress girl Newsdesk Newsdesk

An Australian teenager is lucky to be alive after he jumped into crocodile-infested waters to impress a girl.

Lee De Paauw (18) had been drinking "cups of goon" with friends when he decided to leap into the Johnstone River in order to win a date with British tourist Sophie Paterson.

He told Australian media he also did it to prove a point that Australians were less likely to be attacked by crocodiles than backpackers. Not long after, he was attacked by a three-meter long crocodile.

Queensland native De Paauw was then dragged six metres by the crocodile, who had the young man's arm in its mouth.

"I've never heard a guy scream like that," Ms Peterson told local media after the attack.

"There was a lot of blood and a lot of bone."

Luckily, De Paauw was able to punch the crocodile in the eye with his other hand and made his escape.

The young daredevil is still recovering in Cairns Hospital, where he is being treated for broken bones and gauge marks, but he says he doesn't regret his actions after securing his date.

"I'm not really...I'm just, I don't know, trying to prove a point," he said.

"It was all worth it. She's beautiful, caring and kind."

Rangers are trying to locate the croc believed responsible for the attack.

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