Friday 23 March 2018

Watch: Crocodile coughs up plastic water bottles in harsh warning to 'disrespectful' zoo visitors Newsdesk Newsdesk

Visitors at a zoo in Australia were given a harsh reminder of how negative the impact of littering could be.

Staff at Rockhampton Zoo posted this distressing footage after it became apparent that one of their animals had swallowed a foreign object.

Clearly in distress, clear water crocodile 'the Colonel' coughed up two plastic bottles after trying to dislodge them from his throat for some time.

Zoo keepers posted a warning on their Facebook page advising visitors of the damage such items could do.

"These plastic bottles have the potential to kill a croc as they can cause internal lacerations, ulcers, infection or impaction," the post read.

"The vast majority of zoo visitors are very respectful of our animals. However, if you witness anybody throwing items into exhibits or harassing the animals, please report it to zoo staff immediately."

Keeper James, a zoo keeper helped the reptile move around in such a way that it made it easier for him to cough up a bottle.

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