Tuesday 24 April 2018

WATCH: Australian MP breastfeeds baby while making a motion in parliament

Greens MP, Larissa Waters
Greens MP, Larissa Waters
Independent.ie Newsdesk

Independent.ie Newsdesk

An Australian MP has breastfed her baby while making a motion in parliament.

Greens co-deputy leader, Larissa Waters, addressed parliament while feeding her 14-week old baby, Alia Joy.

Ms Waters was speaking about black lung disease, a major health issue that affects Australia's coal miners.

Her decision to breastfeed her baby was welcomed by her fellow MPs.

Three-month hold Alia Joy made history three months ago when she became the first baby to be breasted in Australia's Parliament.

She's now a regular at Australia's Senate.

Ms Waters later tweeted about Alia Joy's latest visit to Parliament: "First time I've had to move a Senate motion while breastfeeding! And my partner in crime moved her own motion just before mine, bless her."

The senator campaigned for changes last year to allow new mums and dads to briefly care for their infants in the chamber.

Greens colleague Sarah Hanson-Young made headlines back in 2009 when her two-year-old daughter Kora was taken from her arms and ejected from the senate chamber.

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