Monday 26 August 2019

Man fined for verbally abusing Australian journalist Newsdesk Newsdesk

A man has been fined for being verbally abusive to a young journalist crew while they were doing their job.

9NEWS reporter Maggie Raworth was coming a story outside Ballarat court in Victoria, Australia when a 28-year-old man arrived in his parents car and became abusive to her and the television production crew.

"F--king journos. Lowest of the low," he said, while staring at the young reporter.

"What’s your problem, sir?" Raworth asks in response. "What have I personally done to you?"

He criticises her for choosing to be a "lying piece of shit for a living".

The man goes on to tell Raworth he believes she’ll be out of a job in five years, "wrinkled up," and that she’s "already getting fat".

He also claimed he earns more money than her and the rest of the 9NEWS team on the job with her.

The incident was reporter to Victoria Police, who now must pay a fine after receiving an offensive behaviour penalty notice.

Ms Raworth took to Twitter to thank people who have supporter her since the incident.

Her reaction has won Raworth praise from the general public.

“Good on you for standing your ground!” one person commented on Facebook.

“Really well handled Maggie. Very admirable.” added another.

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