Tuesday 21 May 2019

Girl (11) tries to 'bribe' Ardern to fund research on dragons

Jacinda Ardern: returned $5 with a handwritten message. Photo: AP
Jacinda Ardern: returned $5 with a handwritten message. Photo: AP

Alessone Peronne

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has rejected an 11-year-old girl's bribe asking her government to fund research into dragons and psychics.

A schoolgirl only identified as Victoria had written to ask the government to make her a telekinetic, tell her what they knew about dragons and if they found any yet, so she could train them. She attached a $5 bill (€3) as a bribe.

"Received this in the post, turns out my littlest sister (11 years old) tried to bribe Jacinda," her brother wrote on Reddit, posting a photo of Ms Ardern's reply on official letterhead.

He added that his sister "strongly implied" that she attached the money as a bribe. Ms Ardern replied to the letter on April 30, thanking Victoria for getting in touch with the government.

"We were very interested to hear your suggestions about psychics and dragons, but unfortunately we are not currently doing any work in either of these areas!

"I am therefore returning your bribe money, and I wish you all the best in your quest for telekinesis, telepathy, and dragons."


Ms Ardern also added a handwritten note saying, "I'll still keep an eye out for those dragons. Do they wear suits?"

Victoria's brother speculated on Reddit that her interest for dragons and telekinesis probably comes from watching the animated film 'How to Train Your Dragon' and the series 'Stranger Things'.

"This is so adorable," another Reddit user commented.

"Save the letter for her 21st, it'd make a great memory."

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